Can Volleyball Shoes Be Used for Netball?


Sports such as volleyball and netball necessitate not only skill and strategy but also the right equipment. Among the gear, shoes play a vital role in a player’s performance. But a question often arises, “Can volleyball shoes be used for netball?”

This article aims to unravel this conundrum by analyzing the design, traction, weight, and other features of volleyball and netball shoes. Let’s delve into the heart of this matter!

Can Volleyball Shoes Be Used for Netball in court
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Volleyball shoes can technically be used for netball, but it’s not advisable. Although both sports require similar movements, volleyball shoes might restrict mobility due to their high-cut design and thicker sole. Moreover, the sole pattern of volleyball shoes isn’t designed for netball movements, potentially reducing grip in certain directions. To ensure optimal performance and avoid injuries, it’s best to use shoes specifically designed for netball.

Volleyball Shoes vs Netball Shoes

Can Volleyball Shoes Be Used for Netball (3 Key reasons)
Can Volleyball Shoes Be Used for Netball? (3 Key reasons)

To discern the competition between volleyball and netball shoes, we must focus on their unique designs and features, each tailored to the specific requirements of their respective sports.

Understanding the Design

Each sport involves unique movements, and the shoes’ design complements these motions. Volleyball requires many quick jumps, lateral moves, and constant swift actions. Therefore, volleyball shoes are designed with superior cushioning, lightweight construction, and gum rubber soles for better traction on indoor courts.

Conversely, netball involves more running, pivoting, and quick stopping. Hence, netball shoes are outfitted with a superior grip for rapid direction changes, better ankle support to prevent rolling, and extra shock absorption in the forefoot and heel.

Importance of Traction

Volleyball players need shoes with excellent traction on smooth, indoor court surfaces to manage fast lateral and forward movements. Volleyball shoes, with their gum rubber soles, provide this high-level grip.

In contrast, netball can be played both indoors and outdoors. As such, netball shoes feature a more durable and versatile outsole material, like high-density rubber, to handle different court surfaces and provide adequate grip during abrupt stops and turns.

Weighty Matters: Light vs Heavy

Weight is a critical aspect when choosing sports shoes. Volleyball shoes are typically lightweight, allowing players to jump and move quickly without feeling weighed down.

Netball shoes, however, might be slightly heavier due to their additional cushioning and ankle support. The extra weight offers stability and support, crucial during abrupt pivots and stops, which are characteristic of a netball game.

Can Volleyball Shoes Be Used for Netball? Similarities

Despite their distinct features, volleyball and netball shoes share some similarities. Both are designed to support quick movements, provide excellent traction, and offer a degree of cushioning. In addition, these shoes need to be snug, comfortable, and durable to withstand intense matches.

Can Volleyball Shoes Double Up for Netball Based on Differences and Similarities?

Considering the unique requirements of each sport, using volleyball shoes for netball isn’t recommended. Volleyball shoes may not offer the necessary support and cushioning needed for the abrupt stops, turns, and pivots in netball. Also, the traction of volleyball shoes might not be sufficient for outdoor courts, where netball is sometimes played.

Can Netball Shoes Be Worn for Volleyball?

Conversely, wearing netball shoes for volleyball could pose similar problems. Although they provide excellent traction and cushioning, their extra weight could hinder the quick jumps and swift movements in volleyball. Additionally, their traction might not be ideal for the smoother surfaces of indoor volleyball courts.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Shoes for Volleyball and Netball

Several factors should be considered when choosing your sports shoes:

Sport-Specific Design

Always choose shoes designed specifically for your sport, as they’re crafted to support the game’s unique movements.


The shoes should fit snugly without causing discomfort. Adequate cushioning contributes to comfort.


Depending on the playing surface, the shoes should offer a grip that supports swift movements and prevents slipping.


Given the intensity of these sports, the shoes should be durable to endure wear and tear.


While there are similarities between volleyball and netball shoes, the differences are significant. The design, traction, and weight of these shoes are tailored to the movements, playing surfaces, and demands of their respective sports. Therefore, it’s generally advised to use sport-specific shoes to ensure optimal performance and avoid potential injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Although it’s technically possible, it’s not recommended due to the differences in design, traction, and cushioning that cater to the unique requirements of netball.

Netball trainers might be too heavy and lack the specific traction needed for indoor volleyball courts, so it’s not recommended.

Select shoes that are designed for your specific sport, comfortable, offer suitable traction, and are durable. Consider trying on several pairs before making a final decision.

By understanding the nuances of these shoes and considering factors such as design, traction, and weight, players can make an informed decision that not only supports their performance but also keeps them comfortable and safe on the court.

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