Hi, I’m Robert the Founder of Volleyball Shelf..

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Hi, I’m a full time Volleyball coach in Houston with over the vast experience of more than 35 years. I have started to play just at the age of 9 and within the 4 year of continuous practice, I have joined academy to become a athlete .

Now I’m providing my expertise to those who has passionate about the game. Over the year I saw many players just because of the lack of knowledge about Volleyball Gears doesn’t perform well. That encourage me to start a website where I can put my knowledge that helps the Volleyball Community.

That’s the reason behind to start a website specially about the best Volleyball shoes.

Mission Statement

Elevate Your Game with Footwear Designed to Dominate the Court. My aim is to Provide Top Quality Content about Footwear Discover. Unrivaled Performance and Style in Every Step, Exclusively at Our Volleyball Shoe Haven.

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